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Your Responsibilities as a Disc Golfer

Know your responsibilities as a disc golfer so we may propel the sport further into the mainstream

You may not know it, but you have responsibilities as a disc golfer. This is because the responsible disc golfing athlete wants to grow the sport. Growing the sport will accomplish several disc golf goals – one of which is more pay for the pros. The pros need to be able to make a living. More pay for the pros means the athletic bar rises as the pros aspire to do more and do it better. Continue reading

A Virtuous Disc Golfer’s 9 Disc Golf Etiquette Rules

(These disc golf etiquette rules were inspired by Arnold Palmer’s Rules for Golf Etiquette)

Disc golfers have a way of returning favors. At least “good disc golfers” do. I do not play consistently and most of the time I am barely a B-rated rated player, but I consider myself a good disc golfer because . Being a good disc golfer means more than having a score well under par at the end of the round. If you are a good disc golfer then you are being responsible to yourself, the game, the disc golf course, and the other players. It could be said you are a virtuous disc golfer.

Here are my disc golf etiquette suggestions for being the virtuous disc golfer. Continue reading

Earl Morall, Dolphins QB and Disc Golf Pioneer Passes Away at 79

Famous Miami Dolphins hero, Earl Morrall, hosted early disc golf tournament at Arrowhead Golf Course in Davie, FL


NAPLES - Earl Morrall, the famous backup to QB Johnny Unitas and Bob Griese, passed away this weekend at 79. He helped save the Miami Dolphins’ Perfect Season when he stepped in as QB after Griese got injured.


Earl Morral, Don Shula. Bob Griese – Mark Foley, AP

What you may not know is that he was also a South Florida disc golf pioneer. Earl Morrall worked with the Amateur Golf Association and Arrowhead Golf Course (now known as Davie Golf and Country Club). He hosted the first Fort Lauderdale area disc golf tournament for charity in the late 1980s when disc golf was in its infancy. At the time of this disc golf tournament there were less than 7 disc golf courses in Florida, and maybe 300 courses worldwide (as noted in this Sport’s Illustrated article). Now there are over 4000. Continue reading