Disc Golf Box Company – Why I Need a Disc Golf Subscription

You have heard of wine subscriptions, cigar subscriptions, and even shaving supplies subscriptions. Now there is a Disc Golf subscription from the Disc Golf Box Company!

If you are like me then you love getting that mail call of disc golf goodliness.  Feeling like a kid, I grab my box from the mail area downstairs and open the box on my kitchen counter as soon as I walk in. Since I tend to go through a few discs each month a disc golf subscription can make sense. The Disc Golf Box Company provides monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly disc golf subscription boxes and each one is filled with some discs and other items to enhance your Disc Golf Addiction! Continue reading Disc Golf Box Company – Why I Need a Disc Golf Subscription

Several Disc Golf Health Benefits

 There are several disc golf health benefits that you may not aware of.

Zeke “rippin one” at Tradewinds Park in South Florida

What do you exercise for? Tone up those arms?  Get more distance on your drive? Or maybe you work out to ward off the big killers like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Regular exercise, such as disc golf, can offer benefits to your heart, your self image, and even your brain! Check out these disc golf health benefits that result from regular exercise.

Combats several health conditions and disease. Getting out to throw regularly is one way to enjoy the health benefits of disc golf. Disc golf, like any regular exercise, can alleviate the symptoms of depression, diabetes, and arthritis. Regular exercise can improve heart health, help maintain weight loss, and help prevent excess weight gain. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise several times a week. Continue reading Several Disc Golf Health Benefits

The Disc Golf Pro Tour



The Disc Golf Pro Tour is a combination festival, pro tour, and platform to spread the culture of our great sport.
Disc-golf-pro-tourSince I have started playing disc golf (back in 2004) the sport has seen exceptional growth. Now more than ever men, women, boys, and girls have picked up a set of discs and made the disc golf culture part of their life. Recently we have heard of  bigger payouts at events, more participants, and even new tours.

One new tour announced will be the Disc Golf Pro Tour headed by Steve Dodge. The Disc Golf Pro Tour is dedicated to disc culture – competing with people, respecting them, listening, caring and helping. The intent will be to sustain the growth of disc golf and illustrate the disc culture. Continue reading The Disc Golf Pro Tour

Birdie Bash World Championships Added This Year

Birdie Bash has added The Vibram Birdie Bash World Championships for you VBBers!

birdie-bashBirdie Bash by Vibram is adding a world championship this year! Steve Dodge of Vibram Disc Golf has teamed up with Terry Miller and Smashboxx TV  to broadcast the first Vibram Birdie Bash World Championships on July 18 & 19, the weekend before Am Worlds. The VBB World Championship will be at one of the Am Worlds courses. All VBB TDs and VBB winners are invited to attend so this is a great to to participate if you never Birdie Bashed. Continue reading Birdie Bash World Championships Added This Year