Oops! I Have to Post a Retraction!

This is embarrassing !

I mentioned earlier that thousands of disc golfers read one of my posts. I realize now that I misinterpreted the data. Instead of looking at the metrics for one of my affiliate links I was looking at the metrics of  all affiliate ads forgetting that I just added one or two just before I published! I still reached thousands of disc golfers, just not nearly the 17,000 like I first thought! So for the 24,000 hits for the week the impressions numbered probably closer to 12,000.

Time to install google analytics on my site!

Apologies if this caused any disharmony!!!!

Sell my Disc? Go to Jail!

Still think that found plastic is your plastic? Recently at Okeeheelee Park in Palm Beach County Florida police were called when it was discovered that somebody was harvesting plastic from the lake. The police agreed that since the plastic had the owner’s name on the disc that the harvester was, in fact, stealing. They recovered several discs from the perp as a result.
Taking plastic is against the law in South Florida. 

That was the post in my facebook page. Since then I have learned a few more details about the situation…

What do you do with found plastic? Photo courtesy of Cubby’s Disc Golf World

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Yeah I am Getting in Shape for Disc Golf This Year, So What??

Easy disc golf exercises help you stay in shape to play disc golf instead of playing disc golf to stay in shape

This does not come in a can!!!!

First came Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve. Like an idiot I consumed all the food and grog my friends and family gave me. Now 2014 Disc Golf Season has started and I’m outta shape. After reading this excellent piece on getting in shape for disc golf by Avery Jenkins I got inspired to do something about it. Continue reading Yeah I am Getting in Shape for Disc Golf This Year, So What??