Birdie Bash World Championships Added This Year

Birdie Bash has added The Vibram Birdie Bash World Championships for you VBBers!

birdie-bashBirdie Bash by Vibram is adding a world championship this year! Steve Dodge of Vibram Disc Golf has teamed up with Terry Miller and Smashboxx TV  to broadcast the first Vibram Birdie Bash World Championships on July 18 & 19, the weekend before Am Worlds. The VBB World Championship will be at one of the Am Worlds courses. All VBB TDs and VBB winners are invited to attend so this is a great to to participate if you never Birdie Bashed.

What is a Birdie Bash? Steve Dodge descibes the Birdie Bash this way: “The VBB is geared towards bringing non-tournament players into organized disc golf as well as creating the next generation of Tournament Directors. By design, the events are easy to setup and run. We also emphasize the culture of the disc through our Spirit Award.”.

Have fun in a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere at your local Vibram Birdie Bash

The official logo for the 2015 Birdie Bash
The official logo for the 2015 Birdie Bash

Format for the Birdie Bash: The cost of a Birdie Bash is $30.00 and each person can score points on each hole when they throw birdie or better. Two shots or better on a par 3 and 3 shots or better on a par 4 for example. 5 points are awarded for eagles, 2 points are awarded for birdies, and 1 point is awarded when you hit any metal on the basket. You also get 1 point for CTP if no one on your card scores anything

The benefits of competing in a Vibram Birdie Bash are

  • An insane player’s pack with 2 Vibram discs, a shirt, a great Vibram Mini, and 2 stickers – a $60 value!
  • Casual players can experience competition in a relaxed format
  • Advanced players get to compete for a world championship
  • A great way to have fun at an event you can bring your friends to
  • A chance to support Vibram – an advocate of the sport and its players
  • Your entry free may help your disc golf club raise a little cash !
Smashbox ill be covering the VBB World Championship

This tournament is worth if for the player’s pack alone! It is also the best opportunity I know to play with everyone in such a relaxed, competitive atmosphere. Also for every 10 players over 30 players Vibram kicks in more prizes! Don’t forget the Vibram Birdie Bash World Championships either

If you are interested in directing a Vibram Birdie Bash you can collect $5 per person for your favorite cause, for you, or for your club. There is no reason not to participate this year so start securing your venues now.

See you at the Vibram Birdie Bash World’s!



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