Cart O’ The Week

Great example of the golf bag cart becoming a disc golf cart

This week’s Cart O’ the Week was seen at the Tilted Kilt Open. Looks like a Bag Boy converted to role of DISC GOLF CART. Hydration, score card, stool and discs on a disc golf cart. Cart is rumored to belong to Jeff Eden.

The one in the backround is a ClikGear.

Golf bag cart to disc golf cart conversion


Matt Pipke

Neat to see homemade carts,
Some are very ingenious
today with Delta, Zuca, Gotta go gotta throw, etc. there are inexpensive options out there for well built well-organized carts.
These home-made carts are great at your local league, but as Terry Miller pointed out, how will it help grow the sport to be taken more seriously?
At least at A and B tier, national tour, and world and pro tour events I think a more uniformed look and professional look is what people are going for to help legitimize the sport more.

I thought about building one too, to save some money but in the end $235.00 bought a brand new Zuca all terrain with all the bells with whistles and it has a seat and an insulated cooler, umbrella holder, etc..
The idea is that if you are able to play larger events, afford the entry fee’s travel etc.. then buying a reasonable piece of equipment shouldnt be that challenging.

On a PGA event golf course have you ever seen a home-made? should we strive for the future and legitimize our sport with pro gear or not?
I get that some like to make things and others cant afford to buy, and yeah they oughta be able to play too, no doubt, but I think tey are the minority, most golfers I have ever met seem to be able to afford an array of discs, practice baskets, dg specific gear like shoes and towels, etc..
I get both sides of the argument, not offended by home-made carts, I have seen some really nutty ones, how do others feel?


I like the ClicGear golf cart. It holds my bag and has a seat attachment as well as an umbrella holder. The wide wheels are great over sugar sand. It looks to cool not to have at a A Tier event. If you are crafty then by all means represent. I want to see something in STEAMPUNK style!
(that is my clicgear in the backround)

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