Disc Golf Box Company – Why I Need a Disc Golf Subscription

You have heard of wine subscriptions, cigar subscriptions, and even shaving supplies subscriptions. Now there is a Disc Golf subscription from the Disc Golf Box Company!

If you are like me then you love getting that mail call of disc golf goodliness.  Feeling like a kid, I grab my box from the mail area downstairs and open the box on my kitchen counter as soon as I walk in. Since I tend to go through a few discs each month a disc golf subscription can make sense. The Disc Golf Box Company provides monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly disc golf subscription boxes and each one is filled with some discs and other items to enhance your Disc Golf Addiction!

Image by The Disc Golf Box Company

With each cycle you get discs, along with various other items delivered. When I got my box I got discs, and some nice swag. My favorite was the solar cell phone charger. There were also other items like some stickers,  a scorecard, among other cool disc golf related things. Not every box is filled with the same stuff however. Along with your discs, you may receive T Shirts or water bottles or towels and such getting delivered. The Disc Golf Box Company does this by teaming up with other disc golf vendors to bring you these items in every box. Currently I am trying out the Compass and the Culverin from Latitude 64. I may not have tried these discs otherwise. 

 What is the Disc Golf Box Company? “Our purpose is to introduce new brands, products and designs to players all over the world by connecting them to the companies, designers and people that share the same passion for Growing Our Sport” is quoted on their website.   They are basically a disc golf subscription service.  It works like this: Boxes are purchased as a prepaid item and ship via USPS, and they stop accepting orders for the following month on the 24th of each month. All boxes out on or around the first full week of each month. So get your next order in before the 24th and you are golden.

The Culverin – A fairway driver from Latitude 64

This kind of service makes it easy to keep your disc golf addiction well satiated. Although I shop at local vendors I still like to receive “disc golf boxes” in the mail periodically. Heck, why not ask your local vendor to contact the Disc Golf Box Company? Maybe they can work something out?

All the credit card companies are accepted as well as PayPal. I can’t see it getting much easier than this. The Disc Golf Box Company seems to be the way to fly!

Have a great round folks.

Tara Smith

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