Disc Golf Club: The Building Block of Disc Golf

The disc golf club grows as it shares/spreads the sport

The effects of the disc golf club are felt everywhere. Think about how disc golf got started in your area. Chances are that some like-minded individuals banded together and mapped out a course. Once the course was mapped out it needed some baskets and some kind of “tee pads“. That is where a good disc golf league can raise the money. Most of the time the league is run by the local club. The same club that installed the course also develops the disc golf culture. In my humble opinion, the disc golf club is the basic elementary building block of disc golf.

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Why? Well for one thing the first time you compete is probably your disc golf club’s weekly league. Competition is the logical extension of your disc golf knowledge. Knowledge that come from playing disc golf. If you got addicted to disc golf then you may have taken your competition to the next level – the disc golf tournament. Tournaments and leagues expose disc golf to others, which helps grow the sport.

What else does a good disc golf club do for the sport? It teaches people to work together. Disc golfers learn how a group can focus on a project – like acquiring and installing baskets for a new course. When that many people get involved, everyone has some skin in the game. That much time and effort invested helps ensure that the building blocks of the sport are cemented into the local disc golf culture.

A course is more likely to succeed if there is a disc golf club’s support. A disc golf course may not need a local club, but the odds of the course succeeding are enhanced with a club’s support. The club is the liaison between the local public and the sport. A local club helps ensure that resources are made available to the course, that garbage gets emptied, or a safety issue gets addressed, etc.

Ryan DePasquale of TY Disc Golf on the left and Joe Holmes of the BDGA on the right along with a Broward County Park Employee cut the ribbon on another disc golf course in Broward County Florida

Who designed or installed the local disc golf course? Who lobbied for the course? Chances are it is someone in the disc golf club or someone hired by the club. Anytime you have a group of people you have a network that can be called upon to solve issues like overcoming the obstacles to disc golf course design and installation. Thank your club for lobbying for scarce resources where real estate values can limit expansion of disc golf.

So you see, disc golf has seen rapid growth in the past decade and I maintain that the local disc golf club made it all possible for the reasons I mentioned. My local disc golf club is the Broward Disc Golf Association. As a club we have done what we can with what we have to grow the sport in South Florida. A big shout-out goes to the board of directors for all of their hard work also.

I would like to see more clubs do more of this:

What club members should do more of when needed:

  • Attend meetings
  • Encourage other players to play
  • Help out the new guys more and be less of a “league junkie”.
  • Chip in on occasion

So give a shout out to your favorite disc golf club in the comments section below.

See you on the disc golf course!

A real special shout out goes to the disc golf clubs in Southeast and Southwest Florida! Their dedication has resulted in the expansion of the sport in green space challenged South Florida.

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