Several Disc Golf Health Benefits From A Disc Golf Workout

 There are several disc golf health benefits that you may not aware of.

Zeke “rippin one” at Tradewinds Park in South Florida

What do you exercise for? Tone up those arms?  Get more distance on your drive? Or maybe you work out to ward off the big killers like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Regular exercise, such as disc golf, can offer benefits to your heart, your self image, and even your brain! Consider it a disc golf fitness program. Check out these disc golf health benefits that result from regular exercise.

Combats several health conditions and disease. Getting out to throw regularly is one way to enjoy the health benefits of disc golf. Disc golf, like any regular exercise, can alleviate the symptoms of depression, diabetes, and arthritis. Regular exercise can improve heart health, help maintain weight loss, and help prevent excess weight gain. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise several times a week.

Improves your mood. Another health benefit of disc golf and regular exercise is the effect on your mood. A good round of disc golf releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good. Regular exercise has a positive effect on other issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. A good mood and being happy will inspire you to be more creative and productive.

Having fun is a disc golf health benefit!

Boosts Energy. Another disc golf health benefit is a boost to your energy. Getting up and out to throw regularly can make you stronger and build up your endurance. Your heart and lungs get more efficient as you make regular trots around a course a few times a week. Disc golf is a “Good Walk Defined”.

Sleep Better. Disc golf can help you sleep better also. Sleep deeper, and faster as you recover for the next day.

Good for your sex life. If you and your partner disc together, you will not only be more likely to stick with it, but you will also enjoy increased attraction to each other. As you both get fit from a disc golf workout, you will both be able to look each other up and down and like what you see. This may be your favorite disc golf health benefit!

Keeps your brain fit. Getting out and moving gets the heart pumping and the lungs working. As you carry your pack and walk at a brisk pace to the next tee pad you are exercising your brain as well – which is a great disc golf health benefit. Studies have shown a significant relationship between exercise and brain function later in life and a reduced risk of dementia; these benefits appeared to last several decades.

Disc golf is a good way to have fun. Movement is key. Identifying activities you find enjoyable, like disc golf, and make the choice to move. Only a little more than one-fifth of Americans get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a minimum of five times per week, according to a survey published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Since disc golf can be enjoyed by young and old, male or female it is a good way to call your friends and get everyone outside. In doing so you all get disc golf health benefits!

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