Give A Disc To A New Disc Golfer

Give a disc to a new disc golfer and let them experience their new disc golf addiction!

Want to make someone’s day? Give one or more of your discs to a new disc golfer!

More than once a potential new disc golfer has seen me throwing some discs on the disc golf course and asked me about the sport. On other occasions I have run into a gaggle of new disc golfers that had barely any discs to throw and the discs that they had were for advanced players. The solution is to dip into my guest bag (or trunk of my car), grab some disc golf discs, and give them to the new disc golfer(s). You can greatly help share/spread the sport this way! There are a few things to consider when you give a new disc golfer a disc or 2. I suggest these 5 things to think about when giving away a disc:

1. Find someone who expresses interest. When a potential new disc golfer has asked you a question then you are off to a great start as far as getting someone addicted to disc golf. If someone comes up to you with a bunch of disc golf inquires why not ask them if they would like to try throwing a disc? If the answer is yes then you have got them hooked!
2. Select the right disc. You do not want to give someone a Monster or other high speed overstable discs. Try a TeeBird, Buzzz, or Roc instead so the new disc golfer can work on perfecting their throwing form. Once they have their disc in their hands they are officially a “New Disc Golfer”!
3. Show them their first throw. Let them know the importance of throwing the disc as level as possible. Make sure they know why you need good form.

Throwing the disc level is your first skill to work on.   Photo- Disc Golf Tips For Disc Golf Beginners FB Page

4. Make sure your name or the new disc golfer’s name is on it. Odds are they will throw the disc into deep shule or the water at some point. Write their name on the disc or at least make sure the disc they get has your name on it. This way they can get it back when the disc is recovered by a fellow disc golf addict!

5. VERY IMPORTANT – remind them that the disc is not a toy. Fun to throw, but not a toy. A disc golf disc in the wrong hands is downright dangerous. “Do not throw this disc at your dog or your baby brother and expect them to catch it!”, is what I tell the younger disc golf addicts. Mention why you should wait until the fairway is clear before throwing a disc at 60 MPH. The Disc Golf Law of Unintended Consequences applies here.

6. Optional: Autograph the disc. I have given a disc to a younger player and signed the disc for them. Signing the disc makes you feel like a pro on tour, but more importantly the younger player will remember you and want to keep throwing that disc.  The new disc golfer will likely be a lifelong friend also!

Starting a new disc golfer early gives them a healthy disc golf addiction for life

Giving someone their first disc makes a whole lotta sense on many levels. For one thing the sport gets an instant shot in the arm when a new player already has a disc or 2 to throw. New friends are made quickly as a result of giving the new disc golfer a disc. When you throw a great throw for someone they aspire to throw farther and farther because you showed them it can be done. At some point let them know about your local club, and where they can purchase new discs.


I need some help with the photo creds for the pictures with the kids! I forgot where I got them so leave me a comment so I can give you the photo creds for your website! Thanks for reading.


Dana Smith

We went to Whispering Pines and met a family playing for the first time. They had read that they had discs at the office, but the office was closed, so I gave them discs to play with and then take home. A year later, my daughter started to play and people have been really generous giving her disc they feel would be good for her. One nice guy gave her some Japan Open rocs, which are wood-grained and quite rare from what I can see. Those are her favorite discs and she used one pretty much exclusively her final round at the US Women’s National Disc Golf Championships last weekend. She came in second for her age group. You never know where Karma and paying it forward will lead to.

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