Hey Disc Golfers: Is Your Bottled Water Poisonous????

BPA free water bottles keep hormonal compounds out of your bloodstream

Its hot as blazes out and you are on your 2nd round of disc golf for the day. You know the importance of drinking lots of water on hot days. Good thing you brought plenty of bottled water to stay hydrated! What you may really be doing is exposing yourself to BPA’s and other plastic compounds that do everything from enlarging prostates to causing cancer in you and your children! Got man boobs?

According to Mariah Blake of Mother Jones, since the 1990s a vast body of research has linked BPA and other chemicals found in plastics to serious health problems ranging from cancer to infertility. But the industry—often using tactics pioneered by Big Tobacco as it sought to bury evidence about the health risks of smoking—has managed to shield these substances from federal regulation. There is no question that “Estrogenic Compounds” are in almost all foods contained in plastic packaging. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has denied a call to ban the plastic additive BPA from food packaging. The action comes after government scientists found little reason to think people are being harmed by the chemical.

Is Bottled Water Full of Estrogen?

In March of 2011, A CertiChem study published by an NIH journal finds “almost all” plastic products tested are estrogenic. The American Chemistry Council and Society of the Plastics Industry paid a former tobacco scientist $15,000 to write a letter to the journal’s editor refuting CertiChem’s findings.

Unfortunately this has become a politically charged subject, with the conservatives in Congress taking the side of the plastic industry and the more liberal folks asking for more studies to support the banning of BPA and other estrogen causing compounds in our water. Remember when Big Tobacco execs swore under oath that tobacco was harmless? Well the same type of denial is occurring in the plastic industry.

How did Popeye get Man Boobs?

So what can disc golfers do to reduce the levels of Estrogenic compounds found in our water and food supplies? A CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purifier will purify endless amounts of city water. Avoid hot drinks and acid containing beverages like lemonade in plastic bottles. Polycarbonate bottles get crazed and cracked as they get older; that increases surface area so get rid of old ones. Replace jugs where water sits around a long time, like Brita knockoffs (Brita says they are BPA free). Camelbak now has a line of new BPA free plastic. Inside Prevention lists these tips, and you can also start using metal water bottles.

This Nalgene bottle from REI.com is BPA free, as are all Nalgene bottles

By purchasing reusable bottles we will cut down on the need for larger landfills and we will save money as water is more expensive than gasoline! In the meantime we can only hope that Congress arrives at a conclusion that results in safer drinking water in plastics.

REI is my favorite affiliate. 
CamelBak Eddy .75L Water Bottle-Blue



Brita makes a “Hydration Station”. Use that with reusable water bottles. Saves you money and leaves room in the local landfill

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