Give A Disc To A New Disc Golfer

Give a disc to a new disc golfer and let them experience their new disc golf addiction!

Want to make someone’s day? Give one or more of your discs to a new disc golfer!

More than once a potential new disc golfer has seen me throwing some discs on the disc golf course and asked me about the sport. On other occasions I have run into a gaggle of new disc golfers that had barely any discs to throw and the discs that they had were for advanced players. The solution is to dip into my guest bag (or trunk of my car), grab some disc golf discs, and give them to the new disc golfer(s). You can greatly help share/spread the sport this way! There are a few things to consider when you give a new disc golfer a disc or 2. I suggest these 5 things to think about when giving away a disc: Continue reading Give A Disc To A New Disc Golfer

Disc Golf Club: The Building Block of Disc Golf

The disc golf club grows as it shares/spreads the sport

The effects of the disc golf club are felt everywhere. Think about how disc golf got started in your area. Chances are that some like-minded individuals banded together and mapped out a course. Once the course was mapped out it needed some baskets and some kind of “tee pads“. That is where a good disc golf league can raise the money. Most of the time the league is run by the local club. The same club that installed the course also develops the disc golf culture. In my humble opinion, the disc golf club is the basic elementary building block of disc golf.

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Your Responsibilities as a Disc Golfer

Know your responsibilities as a disc golfer so we may propel the sport further into the mainstream

You may not know it, but you have responsibilities as a disc golfer. This is because the responsible disc golfing athlete wants to grow the sport. Growing the sport will accomplish several disc golf goals – one of which is more pay for the pros. The pros need to be able to make a living. More pay for the pros means the athletic bar rises as the pros aspire to do more and do it better. Continue reading Your Responsibilities as a Disc Golfer