The Art of Disc Golf

I first came across the disc golf art of Holsten when I saw a post by Joe Holmes on the Broward Disc Golf Association’s Facebook page. It was a picture of a disc golf basket that Holsten created. Right away I thought how freakin cool it would be to have one of these babies installed in one of our local disc golf courses in South Florida. My disc golf curiosity got the best of me so I decided to contact this creator of cool disc golf art.

Putz III powdercoat
Putz III powdercoat sculpture by Tom Holsten

As it turns out he is an artist and disc golfer living in Caledonia, WI who has been married to Mary for 27 years. His Disc Golf Addiction began back in 1986/87 when, for some reason, he decided to play disc golf in the rain at 11 PM (???!!!). He was immediately addicted for life and registered with the PDGA to make it official. He is PDGA #6315.

These baskets were made for the Big Freeze Tournament
These baskets were made for the Big Freeze Tournament

Whats in his bag you ask? Mostly old school discs such as Hammer, San Marino Roc, Starfire, Rogue, Super Puppy, Buzz, and the Aviar. I wonder how many people know that Steady Ed (PDGA #1) stayed at Holsten’s place for a week, or that he has golfed with some of the biggest names in the sport: Dave Greenwell, Ken Climo, Dr Rick Volkes, Steve Wisecup, Crazy John Brooks, Brian Cummings, Johnny Pecunia, and many, many, more.

"Grapevine" basket.
“Grapevine” basket.

Holsten is a disc golf advocate, having helped to design/install over a half dozen disc golf courses. He is currently working on one of the premier winter disc golf events in the world, the Big Freeze Disc Golf Tournament.

Tom Holston made these great looking trophies

Holsten is also a disc golf enthusiast, having 366 discs hanging on his wall and installing a 9 hole course in his back yard (jealous!) as well as golfing 2 to 3 times a week at Dretzka Park in Milwaukee, WI, with his favorite course overall being Seven Oaks in Nashville, TN.

me welding
Holston creating in his shop

And of course Holsten is a disc golf artist, having made at least 1500 to 2000 disc golf trophies, hundreds of disc stands, 60 portable custom Disc Golf Baskets, more than 200 ” Putz III” (24” metal art of hand throwing a disc), a hundred or so small disc golf figurines (golfers putting), 45 – 50 disc hot-stamps, a dozen or so mini hot-stamps, countless metal-art wall designs, a couple disc golf carts, and the list goes on and on. No machines are used to bend Holsten’s metal because it is all done by hand!

Overall I would say anyone who is a disc golf advocate/enthusiast/artist is ok in my book, and someone who has put this much of themselves into this sport leads by example in my humble opinion. Looking forward to shaking your hand one day Mr. Holsten.

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