The Disc Golf Pro Tour



The Disc Golf Pro Tour is a combination festival, pro tour, and platform to spread the culture of our great sport.
Disc-golf-pro-tourSince I have started playing disc golf (back in 2004) the sport has seen exceptional growth. Now more than ever men, women, boys, and girls have picked up a set of discs and made the disc golf culture part of their life. Recently we have heard of  bigger payouts at events, more participants, and even new tours.

One new tour announced will be the Disc Golf Pro Tour headed by Steve Dodge. The Disc Golf Pro Tour is dedicated to disc culture – competing with people, respecting them, listening, caring and helping. The intent will be to sustain the growth of disc golf and illustrate the disc culture.

How will this happen? Several ways are outlined according to the website. Among them are:

  • Demonstrating that a chronologically and geographically sensible tour can be done.
  • Create the single most viewed live disc golf event in the world through the Disc Golf Pro Tour Finals.
  • Drawing more spectators to each event as they watch the best players on the best courses.
  • Increase the online viewership by providing consistent, meaningful, and entertaining live coverage with tour standings and stats.

As of now there are 5 events planned JUNE to SEPTEMBER, 2016 at 5 of the sport’s best venues. The tour is a points series and concludes with a tour championship. Again, the intent is to give disc golfers a reason to come watch the best players in the world compete on amazing courses while spreading the culture of a great sport.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour can help the sport by bringing disc golf even more into the mainstream. This means more eyes watching which will lead to greater coverage and bigger sponsors. I have always said “We are only one Oakley commercial away from the bigtime!”.

Fans can get involved also! You can be an active participant in the growth of disc golf in several ways:

So when you interact one on one with a player and watch a great event you will want to participate even more. Kids will want to experience disc golf. Sponsors will want to capture the number of eyes watching the event by planting themselves where they can be seen. The Disc Golf Pro Tour will show how a sustainable tour can preserve the culture of our great sport as it proceeds into the mainstream. We are only one Oakley commercial away from that!

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