What to Get For Me For Christmas – A Disc Golfer’s Gift Guide

This disc golf gift guide shows gifts that are perfect for any occasion, not just holidays.

Thinking about buying something for your favorite disc golfer? Of course you are! Lucky for you I have done much of the heavy lifting to help you figure out what to get that disc golfer (I hope its me!) in your life. If you haven’t given any thought about what to get this holiday season or if you have thought about it and are coming up blank then READ ON!


I wouldn’t mind one of these!

Gifts for Disc Storage: Disc golfers have discs – lots of them. The online store at Trotterbox is the perfect solution for storage, display, hauling, and even mailing. If you have discs then you need Trotterboxes. Formufit makes great pvc fittings to make cool display shelves or disc caddies so a gift certificate would go a long way with your favorite disc golf addict. They even have different colors to choose from. I like blue or red.

Apparel:  Shoes by Keen, cool fitness gear for your favorite disc golfer, and don’t forget awesome hiking socks to keep you dry and warm in any weather. Ladies gear for disc athletes has come a long way. Manufacturer’s websites like Discraft, and  Vibram Disc Golf sell apparel also. Want to get me a Vibram T-Shirt? I am down with that.

Disc Golf Art: If you love disc golf art as much as I do then you should check out artwork by Holsten, Skeet Disc Golf Artist Scienski, and of course Dyenamite Discs! Awesome talent goes into every piece of artwork. Custom disc designs and trophies and baskets are available so don’t waste time getting your order in. Check out these baskets by Holsten! (Hint hint!)

This rack shown in a photo from Dyenamite Disc’s facebook page,displays several of the
discs you can buy me that were designed by Erin Boyle. Nice rack Erin!

New Plastic!!: I recommend Tri-Fly Discs and Sunking Disc Sports for sweet plastic – or in Vibram’s case Sweet Rubber! They can definitely outfit you for your disc golf needs. If you have a retailer you want mentioned leave a web address in the comment section.

One cool mini. Can you say “Stocking Stuffer”?

Disc Golf CartBuy a baby jogger or a push cart for the ultimate in wheeled disc golf transport. These carts and joggers are just begging to be pimped. The designs and the accessories you can attach are limitless. You can attach umbrella holders, drink holders, your smartphone holder (for your score keeping apps), install entertainment system or a cooling system, etc. If you really want to impress me consider the The Golf Cart Hovercraft.

A pimped push cart with all the fixins. Note the seat, and the umbrella. I want!!!

Disc golf basketIf the disc golf basket by Holsten wasn’t what you wanted to get me consider buying me the Mach X by DGA. Check out these features:

  • Unified chain assembly
  • 40 welded and hot dipped galvanized strands of chain
  • 3 successive rows of chain:
  • 1 soft outer row, 1 X-pattern inner row, 1 reflex row
  • Stainless steel “S” hooks and ring connectors
  • The highest quality basket manufacturing
  • Hand inspected hot dipped galvanized construction
  • PDGA approved for championship level tournament play
  • 20 year warranty

Glow Golf Accessories: Nite Ize makes LEDs for your discs and for your dog should you bring him disc golfing at night. They have the  Hole in ONE – Disc Golf Disc LED Light, flashlights, and a bunch more stuff that glows and blinks in the dark. The INOVA X5 UV – Ultraviolet LED Flashlight is great for keeping score during a round of glow golf and won’t ruin your night vision. They also have tons of disc golf cart accessories as well. Nite Ize is one of my affiliates, and I use the Hole-In-One LED exclusively. Don’t let that stop you from getting me anything in their catalog, however.

The Disc Golf Camp Time Roll-a-Stool ChairThis is a disc golf staple. Like a good cart, a good chair/stool can take several shots off of your score during a weekend by allowing you a short moment to recharge.

A Disc Golf Bag: Lotsa folks swear by the disc golf bag from Grip Equipment. Carries a whole bunch of discs, and water bottles, and has space for various disc golf accoutrements. I’ll take the red and gray one please.

The Disc Golf Women’s Calendar: That’s right, a calendar full of our women champions! This year’s edition features the Women’s Global Event of Tokyo, Eleanor Poore, Paige Pierce, Valarie Jenkins, Sarah Hansen, Jen Matz, Stef Stewart, Ragna Bygde, Sarah Hokom, Throw Pink of Rock Hill, Sara Nicholson, and Denise Cameron! Want to go over the top? Get me every month autographed!

A Golden Retriever: This handy item pays for itself – especially if you throw like me!!! Really handy for the water hazards and fits easily into any bag or cart.

Tie Dyes: Wahoo and Patty make some nice Tie Dyes. I have seen some nice mandalas getting sported by Wahoo.

A Disc Golf Membership. I know several people who have purchased a PDGA membership for their friends and wives and children. My number is 26157. Besides supporting the non-profit international governing body that is the PDGA, a membership includes a list of participating hotels, discount codes and reservation numbers on the reverse side of your PDGA membership card to help save money on tour.

Do you have any more gift ideas? I think I have covered a lot on one blog post for now. Let me know if I have left something out.

Happy Holidays from DiscGolfAddiction.com.

custom discs and frisbees

Hey don’t forget about custom printed discs and frisbees too! They make an awesome gift, and you can either design your own online or give someone a gift card for them to design their own (I would prefer the latter if it was me) – here’s the best site for designing a custom disc or custom ultimate frisbee: it’s called FlyDiscs http://www.FlyDiscs.com


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