Yeah I am Getting in Shape for Disc Golf This Year, So What??

Easy disc golf exercises help you stay in shape to play disc golf instead of playing disc golf to stay in shape

This does not come in a can!!!!

First came Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve. Like an idiot I consumed all the food and grog my friends and family gave me. Now 2014 Disc Golf Season has started and I’m outta shape. After reading this excellent piece on getting in shape for disc golf by Avery Jenkins I got inspired to do something about it.

Working out will make your game better as well as help prevent injury when you incorporate it in to your disc golf addicted lifestyle.

So what is my plan? Cutting down on sugar, eating more greens, and lifting light weights. My routine is determined by my equipment at home which consists of dumbbells and a 3 position chin-up bar. Since I am just starting out after a lengthy hiatus I plan on starting slow and then progressing until I can achieve the confidence to try the “Avery Jenkins Workout”.

My exercises are simple enough after a brief warm-up:

Directions: Pick 10 exercises to do 10 sets. The Chin ups and push ups are mandatory and are done each time you work out. The exercises not done are done the next time. Do this routine 4 times a week. For this routine never do more than 2 days in a row. Do 8 reps the first week, 10 reps the second week, 12 reps the third week, and then 15 reps until you have done 6 weeks. After that you should be in decent enough shape to try a more advanced workout. Do not stretch to warm up! Warm up, then stretch.

You don’t need expensive gym memberships, just some simple equipment and the internet! Here are 2 more workouts: The exercise ball and The Spartacus Workout. You can also take the stairs at home and work as well as walk to the corner store for that late afternoon snack.

Consult a physician or professional trainer whenever embarking on any workout routine.

See you on tour!

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